How will my unit be processed?

From the moment your unit arrives at RF Global Solutions it is subject to a vigorous series of security and quality checks. We examine the packaging for damage, make detailed ‘booking in notes’. At this point any damage, remarks, configuration details and other relevant information is electronically captured.

Full visibility from start to finish

As the unit progresses through the facility, every action taken is meticulously logged for the customer. This continues after the unit leaves the facility as we even track the progress of the return, dealing with any customs or shipping delays on your behalf, making sure the process is completely stress-free for our customers.

When the unit is returned to you, within the box will be a summarised copy of the service documentation along with a highly detailed report explaining everything that has been done with your equipment.

Dedicated Customer Portal

We have a dedicated client portal, directly accessible through our website, where customers can have bespoke information uploaded and available to view as and when they require it. This service is provided round the clock, every day of the year, ensuring our customers are able to access the information required outwith business hours.

Click here to learn more about our new client portal service. 

Friendly, experienced Staff

The staff at RF Global Solutions are incredibly experienced and, unlike the competition, we deal only with RF and DC related products, guaranteeing a proficient service. We believe a specialised service, rather than a ‘jack of all trades’ approach is better at serving the needs of our customers. Our belief is that such companies put profit over product, and this is something we would never do: our customers deserve better. At RF Global Solutions we would much rather be the expert in RF rather than the one stop shop for anything you can throw at us. RF Global Solutions RF workshop is one of the most comprehensively equipped in the world and we can guarantee quality service.

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