Help preparing a Customs Invoice

Preparing a Customs Invoice

(Not required for EU member countries) If you send shipments that have to be declared to Customs you are required to complete a commercial or pro-forma invoice detailing the contents and value of the shipment.To make things easier for you we have prepared a blank master invoice, which can be downloaded and printed on to your letter headed paper. You will be required to fill in the following sections:Your details – Please enter your full details.

Receiver details

Please enter the receivers full details.


Please enter the exact quantity of units being shipped.

Full description

Describing the goods as accurately as possible is essential for Customs and airline security. Poorly described shipments can be detained for further examination by Customs.Value – This is for Customs purposes. Please insert at least the replacement value, in pounds sterling, of the goods you are sending.

Customs code

This is optional. If you have a Customs commodity code for the goods you are sending please enter it here.

Reason for export

Please state reason for export, examples may be – sale, sample review, temporary export for repair etc.

Shippers VAT No.

If you don’t have a VAT number print “UNREG”. If you are a private shipper print “PR”.

Please complete FIVE copies and remember to sign each copy with a BLUE pen.

Please type or use block capitals to avoid delays at Customs.

For more information please download our sample Customs invoice

Sample Customs Invoice (PDF)