Are you using the best components?

Unfortunately not every company who operates in the RF repair market is reputable. We are on occasion instructed to carry out repair work and perform inspections of other companies shoddy and unreliable repairs. As you can imagine we really have seen it all from RF companies who have been unable to repair a clients machine and have therefore cut the circuit board tracks with a knife, RF companies who actually counterfeit RF generators to different degrees of success, companies who don’t return customers generators when they send them for repair as well as the most common of all, companies who use counterfeit components to facilitate repair work.

Can you spot a bad repair?

Here are a few examples of RF repair work which has been carried out by other companies.

This one is an RFDS 1250 M/N 3155026 or Lam 660-024637-026 we received at our facility for an inspection. The unit was an Advanced Energy RFG 1250 case even though it was supposed to be an RFDS 1250, the repair company had even given it a fake Advanced Energy serial number!

Beware Counterfeit Components

Below is an example of counterfeit components that have been fitted to RF units when they have arrived for repair service at RF Global Solutions for the first time. It has became apparent to RF Global Solutions that many RF companies trading globally (including those in European countries) have been installing these.

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 08.53.15

Concerned about one of your repairs?

We invite you to contact us directly for more information regarding poor quality RF repairs you might have received from other companies or any concerns you may have regarding low quality counterfeit components you believe may have been fitted to your equipment by your service provider.