There to support you when you need it

RF Global Solutions are able to offer a wide range of bespoke consultation services on all things RF.

Radio Frequency power (RF) is often seen as being a ‘black art’ by many due to its extremely complex nature and scientific principles. Having bespoke RF consultation services from a market expert can lead to dramatic increases in efficiency and operational safety of RF related equipment.

We offer professional consultancy work on many areas, including;
  • RF Generators
  • RF Matching Networks/ RF Matching Units
  • RF Cable/ Connections and Receptacles
  • RF Upgrades
  • RF Splitter Boxes
  • RF Test Boxes
  • RF Calibration
  • RF Safety
  • RF For Medical Applications
  • RF For Semiconductor Applications
  • RF For Photovoltaic Applications
  • RF For Food Processing Applications
  • RF For Plastic Welding Applications
  • DC Power Supplies

Please contact us directly for further information.