Commitment to quality

RF Global Solutions are totally committed to quality and aims to ensure long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty by focusing on customer needs and expectations and delivering first class customer service.

This commitment to quality is based on the principle that the effective and consistent implementation of operational systems, which reflect both customer and business requirements, will result in the continuous satisfaction of the customers that we serve and the Principals that we represent.

Continuous Improvement

This will be achieved by a continuous process of quality management and improvement, which includes

A commitment to develop, monitor, improve the effectiveness of and comply with the quality management system

A commitment to comply with relevant statutory and regulatory standards and requirements

A commitment to continually enhance customer satisfaction

A commitment to build and continuously improve our competitive advantage by developing our relationships with both Principals and customers and working with all of our channel partners to develop and fulfill the needs of our markets

A commitment to listen to and respond to customer requests, needs and expectations

A commitment to team working and building a team based culture, which maximizes the contribution of each individual and empowers the team to meet business needs

A commitment to continually develop staff training and competency

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