RF Global Solutions are able to offer a wide range of upgrade and conversions for all of your RF Equipment.

Upgrading RF equipment brings many advantages to our clients through increases in efficiency, reduction in downtime and product failures as well as safety enhancements. Conversions can in some instances save our clients from having to purchase replacement equipment as processes change and/or evolve. We are able to carry out this work sticking to strict client specifications while meeting agreed deadlines.

Some examples of our upgrade/ conversion work out are:
  • Advanced Energy RFG Series Generators -000 to -008,
  • Advanced Energy RFG Series Generator Novellous Conversion,
  • Advanced Energy RFG1250 – Advanced Energy RFG1251 Conversion,
  • Lam T-Match Upgrades,
  • Lam Match Rebuilds and Improvements

Did you know?

The intended use for the T-Match is;

-001, 9400/9400SE with ceramic lid and chamber hardware.

-002, 9400/9400SE with quartz lid and chamber hardware.

-003, -004, 9400/9600 PTX/DFM Alliance.

-603, 9600PTX with Grounded Faraday Shield.

(Note. The -003,-004 and -603 have extended tuning ranges compared to -001,-002.

Naturally the list above is only a short same of the type of upgrade/conversion work which we are able to carry out.

Industry leading warranty

All upgrades and conversions are backed up by our industry leading warranty and are supplied with comprehensive service documentation detailing all the work that has been carried out upon return of the equipment.

More information to follow, please contact us directly for further information.