RF Global Solutions are able to offer a wide range of calibration services on all things RF.

Radio Frequency power (RF) is often overlooked from a calibration point of view, many people take the opinion that if it is not broke why fix it? This is often the case because of its extremely complex nature and scientific principles.


Expert Calibration Services

Having access to professional calibration services from a market expert can lead to dramatic increases in efficiency and most importantly operational safety of RF related equipment.

All areas of calibration covered

RF Global Solutions are able to offer a vast array of calibration work on many areas involving RF including;

  • RF Generators
  • RF Matching Networks/ RF Matching Units
  • RF Cable/ Connections and Receptacles
  • RF Upgrades
  • RF Splitter Boxes
  • RF Test Boxes
  • RF Calibration
  • RF Safety
  • RF For Medical Applications
  • RF For Semiconductor Applications
  • RF For Photovoltaic Applications
  • RF For Food Processing Applications
  • RF For Plastic Welding Applications
  • DC Power Supplies

Industry leading warranty

All calibration work undertaken is backed up by our industry leading warranty and is supplied with comprehensive service documentation detailing all the work that has been carried out upon return of the equipment.

Please contact us directly for further information.