Nurturing the talent of the future

RF Global Solutions recognises the importance of bringing through young talent into the industry and encouraging future generations to work within the electronics sector. Each year we host students from Spain via our long standing partnership with Cumbernauld College on a ten week crash course in all things RF, which is an “access all areas pass” into RF Global Solutions and the wider electronics industry. This has a fantastic track record and all of the students benefit from putting the theory, which they have learned back in Spain, into practice.

Cumbernauld College

This scheme also helps with the student’s personal development, giving them the opportunity to live and work in another country, develop their English speaking and writing skills and see first hand what it is like to live in the United Kingdom. Many of the students who we have hosted previously go on to work with some of the biggest players in the industry and it is always great to hear about their achievements.

Interested in our exchange program?

We are always open to ideas on new student exchange programmes, which could operate alongside our existing partnership with Cumbernauld College and actively engage with schools, colleges and universities who wish to offer work experience placements.

Please contact us directly for further information.