RF Global Solutions have a wealth of knowledge and an in-depth understanding of haulage and transportation, particularly across Inter-continental and Pacific trade lanes. We can assist our clients with advice on packaging; crating; paperwork, which is required from international Customs and Excise; the best and most cost effective ways of transporting goods, wither it be via Road, Rail, Sea or Air and Import Duty suspension on goods which are going to be in the United Kingdom for up to three months.

Fully Authorised With EORI, IP & AEO

We are fully authorised by the United Kingdoms Tax authority, Her Majesties Revenue and Customs and have Inward Duty and VAT suspension schemes in place, which substantially reduce the burden on your time and budget.

No Import Duties (Inward Processing- IP)

Another benefit of using RF Global Solutions is that you can send items for repair, refurbishment and calibration without any Import Duties in the United Kingdom or back to country of origin. This is because RF Global Solutions were one of the first RF Companies in the United Kingdom to register for a full Inward Processing Relief authorisation.

What is Inward Processing?

Customers who ship RF Generators, Power Supplies and RF Matching Networks to RF Global Solutions should be aware that as of 1st January 2023 our Inward Processing number will be changing to IP/0923/628/27 our CDS number will also change at the same time to GBIPO84534291700020220524115303.

If you are outside the UK and shipping a unit for repair or refurbishment you should mark all your paperwork and your box/ consignment with “Repair and Return under IP Authorisation IP/0923/628/27“. You may also wish to note CDSGBIPO84534291700020220524115303 (although this is optional). 

This will help avoid any shipping delays. When you arrange a shipment to RF Global Solutions please remember to share the tracking details with our office by emailing office@rfglobalsolutions.co.uk

When you share the details of inbound shipments we are able to monitor this for you on a daily basis and proactively deal with any issues that may arise on your behalf. 

Should you require any help please get in touch, you can book a repair online using the following link https://www.rfglobalsolutions.co.uk/report-a-fault/

Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)

It is worth noting that RF Global Solutions are also holders of a full AEO Status.

What is AEO?

Put simply, AEO certification demonstrates that your role within the international supply chain is secure and that your customs controls and procedures are efficient and compliant. 

It is a globally-recognised status that is increasingly being demanded by clients, particularly in the US and China.

  • AEO-C Customs Simplifications focuses on establishing internal quality management controls for customs compliance
  • AEO-S Safety & Security focuses on supply chain security measures

This gives our organisation a tangible benefits including;

  • greater access to priority clearance
  • reduced administration
  • reductions or waivers of deferment and comprehensive guarantees
  • increased transport security
  • fewer delays in despatch
  • improved security between supply chain partners
  • quicker access to other customs authorisations  

Priority clearance for AEO-S certificated businesses will, by default, mean that non-certificated organisations will be dealt with as a secondary concern. When time is of the essence, such delays in delivery could prove ever more costly making RF Global Solutions the number one choice when looking for an RF partner. 

Our AEO Authorisation number is AEOF 00093/19

With RF Global Solutions, we make the process quick and easy, offering telephone and/or email support and bespoke guidance notes if required.

In summary from the 1st Jan 2023 please use the following numbers 

IP- IP/0923/628/27

CDS- GBIPO84534291700020220524115303

AEO- AEOF 00093/19

EORI- GB845342917000

For further information contact our office on +44(0) 1355 236392