RF Global Solutions have a wealth of knowledge and an in-depth understanding of haulage and transportation, particularly across Inter-continental and Pacific trade lanes. We can assist our clients with advice on packaging; crating; paperwork, which is required from international Customs and Excise; the best and most cost effective ways of transporting goods, wither it be via Road, Rail, Sea or Air and Import Duty suspension on goods which are only going to be in the United Kingdom for up to three months.


Fully Authorised & AEO Certified

We are fully authorised by the United Kingdoms Tax authority, Her Majesties Revenue and Customs and have complex Duty and VAT suspension schemes in place, which substantially reduce the burden on your time and budget.

No Import Duties (Inward Processing Relief)

Another benefit of using RF Global Solutions is that you can send items for repair, refurbishment and calibration without any Import Duties in the United Kingdom or back to country of origin. This is because RF Global Solutions were one of the first RF Companies in the United Kingdom to register for a full Inward Processing Relief authorisation.

Our authorisation number for IPR is available on request.

With RF Global Solutions, we make the process quick and easy, offering telephone and/or email support and bespoke guidance notes if required.