It is the aim of RF Global Solutions in the event of a fire or a suspected fire emergency on RF Global Solutions property, to preserve life. To achieve this RF Global Solutions has implemented fire systems that comply with the current fire legislation. These systems provide a means of detection and warning, means of escape, means of fighting fire and staff training in fire safety. RF Global Solutions expects staff to co-operate with RF Global Solutions in pursuance of this aim. RF Global Solutions does not require or expect that staff fight such fires due to the potential risks from this activity, which are considered to exceed the likely damage from any fire. It is therefore considered safer for occupants of the building to ensure that the fire alarm is sounding, shut doors and windows and evacuate the building.



Other Employees

All employees will receive fire safety training during induction and are instructed to comply with any rules relating to fire safety. You must not interfere with or misuse equipment that may compromise the fire safety of occupants of the building. Responsibilities of employees are:

If you discover a fire

  • Alert everyone on site
  • Close windows and doors
  • Evacuate the building

On hearing automatic fire detection alarm

  • Close windows and doors
  • Evacuate the building
  • Report to the assembly point

Fire extinguishers are provided throughout RF Global Solutions. If other employees wish to be trained in the use of such equipment, then they should ask their supervisor/manager to arrange for the appropriate training to ensure that they are competent. The description of the contents and instructions for use are on the labels on the outside of each fire extinguisher.

Fire Blanket is provided in the kitchen area and can be used if it is safe to do so and without personal risk.


This statement of policy and responsibilities will be reviewed annually and will be made amended as circumstances change and as legal requirements change.

Please contact us directly for further information.