Worldwide Shipping – delivered

RF Global Solutions have a wealth of knowledge and an in-depth understanding of haulage and transportation, particularly across Inter-continental and Pacific trade lanes. We can assist our clients with advice on packaging; crating; paperwork, which is required from international Customs and Excise; the best and most cost effective ways of transporting goods, wither it be via Road, Rail, Sea or Air and Import Duty suspension on goods which are only going to be in the United Kingdom for up to three months.

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International Paperwork check service

We will provide template paperwork where required and offer a check service, should it be required. This is particularly beneficial to customers who do not have a lot of experience in shipping items internationally or customers who are simply not sure of the requirements. With RF Global Solutions, we make the process quick and easy, offering telephone and/or email support and bespoke guidance notes if required. (Please check out our page on Preparing a Customs Invoice within Customs and Excise).

Packing & Shipment Recommendations

A basic rule of thumb – due to the collection, sorting and delivery process, any parcel may be dropped from waist height. If your parcel is not sufficiently packed to withstand a drop from waist height it will be deemed insufficiently packed.

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Good Practice

  • Choose the size of the package according to its content. Under-filled boxes are likely to collapse, overloaded ones may burst.
  • Always use high quality materials for your shipments. Consider strength, cushioning, and durability when selecting your wrapping supplies.
  • Choose boxes made of corrugated cardboard, with good quality outer liners. Use heavy-duty double-layered board for valuable items.
  • Make use of cushioning materials, especially to stop your packaging contents from moving.
  • Use strapping, when suitable, as a good way to seal and secure your box. Use strong tape if a strapping machine is not available.
  • Put fragile goods in the centre of a package, ensuring they don’t touch the sides. Your item should be well cushioned on all sides.
  • Complete the address clearly and completely, using uppercase letters when handwriting labels to improve readability.