RF Global Solutions was established in 2004 to supply low cost RF repairs for the semiconductor industry. We are now an active member of the National Micro Electronics Institute and have won the prestigious Top 10 NMI Supplier of the year award on multiple occasions.

RF GLOBAL NMI 2015 award

The company has achieved this by providing low cost, high quality RF repairs and refurbished RF equipment into the Semiconductor and Medical industry. We are now an internationally renowned brand, with customers utilising our services from across the globe.


Each customer receives an excellent level of service from our friendly and personable customer service team, who design, repair, install, service and train to the highest possible standards. Quality service is a key component of our organisation, who are well regarded and an international leader in RF technology.

The past few years have been busy and we have gone from strength to strength, diversifying our service, ensuring we meet the needs of our customers. We have been involved in a variety of projects such as facility expansions; IT improvements to benefit our clients; new customer focused technology deployed and diversifying our client base. Simultaneously, we tap into newly developing market places, who now enjoy the benefits of using RF Technology.

Key industries presently supported by RF Global Solutions include Semiconductor, Photovoltaic, Medical, Food Packaging and Food Sterilisation. RF Global Solutions are continuing to reach into new foreign markets while looking after our existing clients meeting their requirements and exceeding their expectations.

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The company is highly focused on the following areas:

  • Customer responsiveness
  • Quality of products supplied and repair work undertaken
  • Bespoke industry leading warranties
  • Continuous improvement activities with both products and services

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Please contact us directly for further information.