Traditional analog displays can be confusing, especially when your engineers are busy. RF Global Solutions are able to offer a fantastic solution to this problem.

No longer will you have to question accuracy when you allow us to convert your existing meter to have a digital display. The readout numbers on our new display are 0.75″ high, easily readable from across the room.

The Model 43’s digital upgrade has the same accuracy and readings as the original analog meter but it is much easier to read. There is even a selectable display backlight so you can see the readout in the dark.

The scale selection button allows you to match the meter scale to the element wattage. This digital meter is so rugged, there is no need to use the shorting slug for shipping.

The new digital readout uses a microprocessor with conversion tables to make it read the same as the original analogue meter.

It also uses precision low offset operational amplifiers to preserve the original accuracy.