from RF Global Solutions

RF Global Solutions provide RF units repair & sales to companies in the in the Semiconductor, Photovoltaic, Medical, Food Packaging and Food Sterilisation industries. RF Global Solutions are continuing to reach into new foreign markets while looking after our existing client’s meeting and exceeding there exact requirements. We feel or insistence on the following areas are a key to our growth:

  • Customer Responsiveness
  • Quality of Products
  • Criticality of Product to Business
  • Continuous Improvement of Improve Products & Services

A provider of used RF Semiconductor Equipment RF repairs, RF Subsystems and RF Spares, RF Global Solutions services have now reached the Asian markets in supporting many semiconductor facilities.RF Global Solutions has a specialised networking group with decades of experience delivering excellent services and solutions in many demanding industries in the overseas markets. Working with clients in business critical areas has given RF Global Solutions an inside look at the direction the RF industry is heading.