repair & sales list

Misc repair and sales list.

Please note: All models may not be shown due to the large number of model variations. Please contact us if you wish to inquire about specific models.

GMW RF Generators

TypeFrequency/Model No.
GMW-25A RF Generator13.56Mhz 0190-36308

LAM/ENI RF Generators

TypeFrequency/Model No.
LAM / ENI RF Generator27.1 Mhz 660-110686-112
LAM / ENI RF Generator13.56Mhz 853-014637-502

Matrix/ENI RF Generators

TypeFrequency/Modle No.
Matrix / ENI RF Generator13.56Mhz 0995-11501X

MRC/ENI RF Generators

TypeFrequency/Model No.
MRC/ENI RF Generator13.56Mhz ACG-10B

Novellus/ENI RF Generators

TypeFrequency/Model No.
Novellus / ENI RF Generator13.56Mhz 27-00073-00R
Novellus / ENI RF Generator13.56Mhz 27-00096-00
Novellus / ENI RF Generator13.56Mhz 27-00157-00
Novellus / ENI RF Generator13.56Mhz 27-00196-00
Novellus / ENI RF Generator13.56Mhz 27-07712-00
Novellus / ENI RF Generator13.56Mhz 27-10341-00

Novellus / Trazar / Regen Solutions / Conteq Automatch

TypeFrequency/Model No.
Novellus / Trazar / Regen Solutions / Conteq Automatch13.56Mhz 27-045983-00

AGL Microwave Power Supply

TypeFrequency/Model No.
AGL Microwave Power Supply2.45Ghz C12932
AGL Microwave Power Supply2.45Ghz D13765

AGL Microwave Generators

TypeFrequency/Model No.
AGL Microwave Generator2.45Ghz C12935
AGL Microwave Generator2.45Ghz C13170