RF Global Solutions are delighted to pledge our support to Esteem Clydesdale and can today announce our 3 figure financial donation.  – a charity supporting mental health and suicide awareness in the Lanarkshire area throughout 2019. RF Global Solutions have been a long term supporter of many charities particularly those in our local community.

Esteem is a small charity based in Lanark is working to end the stigma of mental health problems and to reduce the number of suicides.

Last year, according to Esteem, there were seven officially in Clydesdale and 672 in Scotland, although the true number may be higher.

“It is a minimum of two a day, and there is really no need for any of them, none of them,” said Theresa Elder.
“Men are more at risk. It is the leading cause of death for men aged 15 to 45; I think that is because men are more reluctant to talk.

“We want to prevent suicide, to put things in place so people don’t go that way.”

Esteeem was born out of the closure of the Hope Cafe in Lanark.

Theresa, 56, was a nurse for 32 years, many of them in Hairmyres and Wishaw Hospitals, then she studied for a diploma in psychology and counselling. “I started while I was still working because I was getting quite ill myself, and trying to figure myself out,” she said.

“Most folk actually do it for that reason, to figure out themselves or someone they love.”

There are no “clients” or stakeholders – just “the folk who drop in” any day to their tiny rooms for support when suffering anxiety or depression or other problems.

Esteem also offers cognitive behaviour therapy workshops, and two-day WRAP (wellness recovery action plan) workshops as well as men’s groups and walking groups.

“Our main aim is to reduce the stigma around mental health and reduce suicides,” said Theresa.

Contact Esteem on 01555 729033.